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Maxxcross Dual SX Maxxcross Dual SX
The Maxxis Dual SX is your choice for extreme hardpack motocross and supercross conditions. It features groundbreaking, dualcompound technology, integrated into the championship-proven tread pattern of the original Maxxcross SX.
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Maxxcross HT Maxxcross HT
The Maxxcross HT has a stiff sidewall to increase handling and puncture resistance. The tread is designed for maximum braking performance and acceleration on hardpack.
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M7319/M7320 M7319/M7320
This tire duo boasts advanced dual compound with hard and soft rubber to handle anything for maximum control. These tires have lugs that are perfect for expelling mud and are competition proven.
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Maxxcross SX Maxxcross SX
The Maxxcross SX was developed and tested for use in Supercross and Arenacross conditions, and features a soft rubber compound that offers unrivaled traction in hard-packed conditions. The lightweight carcass offers strength and greater rider feedback providing a total performance package.
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Maxxcross IT Maxxcross IT
The Maxxis Maxxcross IT is trusted by top motocross and cross country racers around the world. It features knobs designed to provide superb handling and long wear. In addition, the Maxxcross IT’s rubber compound enhances stability and increases grip in the variety of soil conditions found on any motocross track or off-road loop.
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Maxxcross MX IT Maxxcross MX IT
The revolutionary new Maxxcross MX IT is a fully-featured intermediate motocross tire, with technologies including a dual compound tread pattern with long and varied tread pitches. The long and varied pitches of the tread design mean that the new Maxxcross MX IT can grip any terrain from soft to hard with each rotation, so this tire is optimized for outdoor tracks with varying terrains. To top it off, a new Maxxis sidewall construction provides a sure footed base, limiting tire roll in corners.
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M6001 M6001
The M6001 performs in a variety of intermediate motocross and cross country terrains. Double-curved tread design with deep knobs delivers extraordinary traction for enhanced performance. Grab a set and see for yourself!
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Maxxcross Desert IT Maxxcross Desert IT
Desert riding demands a tire that can stand up to high speeds and high heat, and the Maxxis Maxxcross Desert IT is as tough as they come. With a design based on the popular Maxxcross IT tread pattern, the Maxxcross Desert IT has a specially engineered compound that increases durability in rocky or desert conditions by reducing chipping and cutting.
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Maxxcross EN Maxxcross EN
The Maxxis Maxxcross EN is the weapon of choice for our endurocross pros. Featuring a tacky compound and a compliant carcass, the EN is designed to grip the gnarly obstacles found on an endurocross track. The Maxxcross EN also excels on technical trail rides, inspiring confidence through predictable traction and unparalleled ride comfort.
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Sur Cross Sur Cross
The Sur Cross has a unique rear tire(M6023) that combines with the front tire(M6032) to offer balance on straight line and cornering.
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Maxxcross SI Maxxcross SI
Developed and tested at the Grand National Cross Country Series, the Maxxis Maxxcross SI’s race-proven tire compound delivers excellent traction in soft/intermediate conditions. Its anti-flex knob bridges on side lugs offer solid straight-line stability. It also features enhanced grip to allow for aggressive cornering. The SI is proof that Maxxis takes performance and durability to a whole new level.
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Maxxcross SM Maxxcross SM
The Maxxis Maxxcross SM is an exclusive sand and mud tire that combines a mudrepelling, silica-based rubber compound with a computer-enhanced tread design. In addition to its specially formulated compound, the SM tire also incorporates anti-flex knob bridges on the shoulder, increasing traction and stability. The Maxxcross SM is frequently used by Maxxis’ top pros when race conditions are sandy or sloppy.
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